Assault Handle Bar (ONLY fits STREET/ELECTRA Glides)

Assault Handle Bar (ONLY fits STREET/ELECTRA Glides)


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10" Chrome,

10" Black,

12" Chrome,

14" Chrome,

14" Black,

16" Chrome.

The new style Assault bar designed to fit all Street and Electra Glides. This is by far the best Street Glide bar offered on the market today, it fits the best compared to any other bar. The bend was set at 1-1/4" diameter to clear the tight fairing hole, it then flares to 1-1/2" diameter outside the fairing. The bend is low enough so you can adjust them as close to the fairing as needed.  This bar offers the look of 1-1/2" without having to modify the fairing. The most popular rise is the 14" keeping the meat hooks even with the windshield. Keep in mind the 10" you can use your factory cables but your hands block the fairing mirrors. Loved by Harley dealerships worldwide for a reason.

FITS any year Street/Electra Glide including 2018.

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