Cancellation Policy

Customers have 7 business days to cancel an order from the date the order is placed if order does not apply to any of the following conditions listed below:

-Raw finished items

-Handlebars that are 10”, 18”, or 20” in rise

-Handlebars that have a custom clamp area diameter (any other size not including our standard 1” diameter and 1.25” on our Signature bars)

-Fishtails that are 32”, 45” or any length above 45”

-Fishtails that are made for Vance & Hines headers

-Any orders that are considered custom as stated on the invoice

-In-stock items that have already shipped out (unless customer accepts responsibility of paying the shipping and handling cost)


 All orders will automatically be voided after 5 business days if a full payment is not received.